5 tips for eco-friendly birthday party for your kids

With our environment coughing up continuously, more and more people are becoming aware of eco-friendly ways of living. Great News, isn`t it? Well, to be honest, not entirely!
Sometimes we make green living more complicated than it should be! The concept of co-existing with nature happily should come naturally. But many people who truly want to green-up their acts, find the nitty-gritty details that are associated with the process very confusing and thus, eludes them.
But truth to be told, throwing an eco-friendly birthday party disposal is the simplest thing to do in this world. Here are a few smart tips you can use to throw an eco-friendly birthday party for your kid:

1. Skip Balloons & Plastic Decoration

Have you ever really thought about where the used balloons end up! If not, then let us enlighten you with the sad reality. Balloons that are used in a party end up getting dumped irresponsibly into the ocean, landfills or simply in the nearby garden that results in the choking, strangling and tangling of birds, sea turtles, and seals. Once you start thinking about it, we are sure you will not find anything festive about them. Instead of using Plastic ribbons and balloons, use colorful flags that are made from cloth and paper poufs, which can be reused or are compostable.

5 Eco-friendly Birthday Party tips (2)

2. Avoid Plastic Cutlery and Plates & Switch to Compostable Tableware

Plastic plates, forks, glasses, and spoons are used in every party. Not only because they are easily disposable post their usage but also to avoid post-party clean up. These disposable plastic cutleries and plates not only contaminate the nature and our surroundings but also the food that you serve to children by releasing chemicals that can cause some serious chronic diseases. Switch to eco-friendly tableware that is disposable and safe as they are made from 100% agricultural waste like sugarcane pulp, bamboo or rice husk. You can dispose of it by simply putting inside the compost bins, where you can use it as manure in your backyard or kitchen garden.

Eco-friendly birthday Party tips

3. Serve Healthier Treats

Your child`s birthday comes once a year and we just can`t emphasis the given fact that serving food in plastic cutlery can cause various harmful health hazards. So why not serve treats that are nutritious, yummy and healthy too? Balance out the cake or ice-cream with veggies, fruits, and protein. Instead of using single-use plastic plates and glasses, serve them in compostable eco-friendly disposable tableware. Ecoware is the leading manufacturer of sugarcane pulp plates and other sugarcane pulp products. You can buy all the needed eco-friendly disposable tableware for your next party from here.


4. Natural Invitation

Who said the birthday invitations can`t be natural? In this digital era, it has become easier to invite guests through a call or a text, however, a handwritten note is still considered AMAZING! You can purchase wildflower paper that is biodegradable and send out invitations on it to your guests. You can later tell your guests to compost it with the right amount of water and a thin layer of dirt. When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds grow and the paper composts away. All that is left behind is flowers, herbs or vegetables, and no waste.

5. Opt for a Nature Theme

Why not try something new this year and go beyond the traditional princess parties and superheroes theme? Organize a party in your backyard and set an example for your kids that a party in the natural surroundings can be enjoyable too.

Our children tend to imitate us. They do not learn by being told, but by observing their parents. Hence, tell your kids about eco-friendly ways of living. A birthday bash outside will definitely show them that a low-waste party can be super festive too- all you need is your backyard and a little imagination.

A birthday party is approaching? Discover an amazing collection of eco-friendly tableware at We are one of the best biodegradable tableware manufacturers in India. Visit our store now!

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