Mar 2021: The Emerging Identity of Women in India, University of Bristol, U.K (virtual)

Apr 2021: Rhea Mazumdar Singhal talked about Sustainability through compostable packaging solutions at Packaging 360

Mar 2021: Rhea Mazumdar Singhal at Women Will – A Google For India event, focused on the issue of the digital gender divide & its impact on the economic participation of women in India.

Feb 2021: Rhea Mazumdar Singhal at Dell Futurist #TechForGood Mentor Session.

Nov 2020: COVIDpreneurs Speaker Series in collaboration with AWIB Ashoka Women in Business

Sep 2020: In conversation with Aditi Balbir on Startup Saturday talking about what it takes to build a sustainable business

Sep 2020: Rhea and key stakeholders have a panel discussion highlighting the need to build planet-positive businesses through UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Sep 2020: The Fast Food & Cafe Convention: Rhea highlights the need for sustainable packaging for brands

Jul 2020: Ecoware offering solutions to key challenges related to the global pandemic at the Unreasonable COVID-19 Global Response Summit

Jul 2020: Rhea speaking on the Maharani Talks podcast hosted by journalist, Mahathi Rangarajan explaining why ESG impact is crucial for all stakeholders

May 2020: Rhea on a panel with consumer goods industry trailblazers such as ITC, Nestle and Pepsi discussing the importance of sustainable food packaging in a post-COVID world

Mar 2020: Rhea highlights the importance of supporting women entrepreneurship in India at Women Transforming India events hosted by Niti Aayog, Government of India

Nov 2019: Rhea highlighting the importance of a Circular economy at the Disruptive Innovation Festival DIF hosted by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, UK

Oct 2019: Rhea presenting Ecoware as the future of sustainable living at the Unreasonable + Barclays World Impact Forum in London

Jun 2019: Rhea talking about her journey with Ecoware at The Good Day, the annual sustainability event of the Engie energy group in Paris

Rhea is a global thought leader on sustainability

  • Nov 2021: Developing Sustainable Entrepreneurship, TEDXSusMafia
  • Aug 2021: Waste Management Workshop, Accenture India
  • Aug 2021: Stakeholders Consultation on Identification of Feasible Alternatives to Single-Use Plastics, Govt. of Delhi
  • July2021: Sustainable packaging: Protecting products and the Planet, The Royal Society London
  • Jun 2021: Talk on Entrepreneurship, Environment & Sustainability, BITS Pilani
  • Jun 2021: Green Minds Podcast, Imperial College Business School, London
  • Apr 2021: Advancing Innovation & Circularity for SMEs, UNEP
  • Mar 2021: International Women’s Day, The Defense Research and Development Organization
  • Feb 2021: Faculty Development Program, CIPET Lucknow
  • Feb 2021: Speaker Session at E-cell, Lady Shree Ram College for Women
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