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Choose Ecoware

Reduced wastage due to greater end-of-life utility including the addition of nutrients to the soil after composting


0% Plastic – The healthy choice

Ecoware is 100% plant biomass such as sugarcane waste and does not contain any binder, lining, adhesive, laminate, or coating.

Backyard Biodegradable

All our products will biodegrade naturally in the soil in 90-100 days in the presence of microbes. Works just as well for landfills too.

Microwave Safe

Ecoware can be safely used in a microwave, or oven and sustain temperatures from -20° C to +140° C

Heavy Duty

Ecoware is a premium, lightweight, and extremely rigid product making it an ideal candidate for takeaway or delivery solutions.


Our brand is built on integrity and transparency. That’s why we have global certifications and accreditations to give confidence in your purchase.

No Mess No Stress

Ecoware lets you focus on the food by providing a hassle-free serving option. Disposal is quick and easy because no waste segregation is required at the source.

Extra Special For You

Whether you are a small café owner or a multinational, you want to see your name on the product you sell. Customized packaging is an effective way to promote your business and enhance the customer experience. Our pay-as-you-use model means no upfront costs – simply order and pay when you need a printed product, stickers, or outer cartons. Subject to minimum order quantities, we can also customize product shapes and sizes for you.

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