Let’s Celebrate Diwali Responsibly!

Diwali, the beautiful festival of lights is around the corner and is celebrated across all communities of India. It is a festival of celebrations, love and extravagance. It embraces the victory of good over evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. People love to spend quality time with each other and exchange gifts with their family, friends and loved ones. With all the celebrations we forget an important aspect for the consequences it has on our environment.

Days after Diwali celebrations are followed by terrific air pollution, noise pollution, wastage of all-natural resources and what not. All the festive vibes change into some torturous days. Looking after our environment is also as essential as celebrating the victory of Lord Rama.

Here are few tips on how we can make a change this Diwali and celebrate it in an eco-friendly manner.

Celebrate a noise-free and pollution-free Diwali: Celebrating Diwali with crackers might be exciting but it causes a lot of distress not only for us but for our little furry friends too. The noise of crackers really bothers animals and is a horror eerie for street animals. And if you wish to burst crackers avoid chemical crackers and buy eco-friendly crackers. The sound produced by these crackers is comparatively less. But make sure you don’t overdo them.

Use organic colours for rangoli: As making rangoli outside the home is considered auspicious and channels out your inner artist as well. Use organic colours and flowers for rangoli. They are easily available and don’t harm our environment.

Use eco-friendly disposable products for decoration: Going out for Diwali decoration shopping? Buy disposable eco-friendly products made out of jute, cloth, real flowers and any other recyclable products. You can use some old duppattas and sarees instead of plastic ribbons to create the colourful vibes.

Eco-friendly Diwali

Use Biodegradable tableware for prasad: Diwali is incomplete without distributing prasad to our family, friends and neighbours. Use biodegradable eco-friendly bowls to keep the environment clean and healthy. You can also use disposable tableware for Diwali home parties and you won’t even have to wash the utensils. Isn’t this a relief?

Use earthen oil diyas: Buy earthen diyas from local vendors and make their Diwali special too. Earthen lamps only need oil for illumination and the pollution is negligible. The fire of diyas kills the germs and bacteria in the air and makes a healthy and safe environment. Plus they enhance the beauty of home too.

Eco-friendly Diwali gifts: Exchanging gifts with friends and family has always been a tradition of Diwali. This Diwali instead of gifting sweets which comes in plastic packaging and cause health issues only, why not gift them a plant or something which is organic. This will not only show them that you care but will help to combat air pollution after Diwali.

You can feed the needy people and the stray animals as well. Don’t forget to use the biodegradable tableware when you are feeding them. You can even provide some shelter to the stray animals as the noise really distress them.

Remember Diwali is not just a festival of lights but it is a festival of happiness. Let’s make sure to spread happiness all around us and make this Diwali as organic as possible.

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