Sustainable stationery for office and school use to make them eco-friendly

There is no better time than now to modify your daily activities and make them more eco-friendly. Choosing eco-friendly office supplies and providing sustainable stationery products to your kids can be a great place to begin. You may not be able to switch your entire office or school supplies at once but you can always choose environment-friendly products when you have to.

Eco-friendly office stationery

To start a sustainable office environment, simply make a list of all the supplies you use and research earth-friendly alternatives.  The following are some of the best environmentally friendly supplies available to help reduce your office’s carbon footprint.

Recycled paper products

Choose recycled paper products or products that can be recycled after use. From envelopes to compostable paper cups and plates, recycled paper products now come in many forms. A sustainable change in this department will have a significant positive impact considering how frequently paper products are used in the office.

Eco-friendly pencils and pens

Using biodegradable pens made from renewable or recycled material is a great way to make your office eco-friendly. You can also choose refillable pens to reduce some waste or use pencils made from 100 percent recycled newspaper. You can even print your company logo on eco-friendly pens to give potential customers a great first impression.

Non-toxic cleaner

Why introduce formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals in your confined office floor? There are plenty of environmentally friendly cleaning options available to clean all of the surfaces in your office while keeping the air quality clean.

Compostable trash bags

Using non-biodegradable trash bags week after week is not good for the environment as it all end up as waste.  Trash bags made of post-consumer recycled (PCR) material is much better for the environment. Other biodegradable trash bags are also available. To make full use of it, make sure the trash bags are filled up to the fullest before you replace it.

Solar USB chargers

Say goodbye to wall sockets and use solar power to charge your phone. These solar-powered USB chargers can help to save energy and also personalizes your phone charging station. This is an inexpensive transition for people who leave their phones plugged in all the time.

Staple free stapler

This is a unique concept in which the device works like a hole puncher and uses the paper itself to stitch pages together. This can help to eliminate the need for tons of metal staples which are only used once and discarded.Staple free stapler

Biodegradable packaging and packing tape

Every office has a packaging department where rolls and rolls of packaging tape and packaging materials are used every day. To create a sustainable office environment you can use biodegradable packaging and packing tape. These packaging products are not only compostable but also lightweight and cut down on shipping costs. This is another great way to show your clients that your organization follows Corporate Social Responsibility.

Biodegradable packaging and packing tape

To maintain your efforts in creating a healthier planet, calculate your office’s carbon footprint and track your progress as you make sustainable changes in your office.

Eco-friendly school stationary

Children learn a lot from their surroundings and day-to-day work. So, why not educate them in an eco-friendly setting. The goal is to provide your child with stationery supplies that are recycled or environmentally friendly.  Here are a few suggestions of sustainable alternatives for daily-use school items:

Eco-friendly pencils

Pens and pencils cause to a lot of plastic and wood waste. Teachers and kids should start using more sustainable products in school. Choose colored pencils, graphite pencils, and fine point pencils which are made from recycled materials. Some manufacturers that make eco-friendly pencils ad pens also label them as environment-friendly. You can consider using these refillable pencils or fountain pens to help reduce waste in the environment.

Water bottles and lunch boxes

Are your children still carrying plastic bottles to school? How about replacing them with steel bottles that are durable as well as versatile? Steel bottles do not cause health issues as they are chemical-free. Moreover, there are many decorative options for water bottles that are perfect for school students. Even if you choose water bottles made from other materials, choose bottles that are BPA free.

jute school bag

Buy recycled paper and notebooks

Reuse paper and notebooks leftover from the previous year. You can always cover old notebooks with plain paper or recycled paper to make it look new again. Old binders can be covered with paper to give them another year of use. Avoid binders covered in plastic and prefer those made from cardboard or that have eco-friendly credentials marked.

Use bags made from recycled or natural products

Avoid bag or stationery products made from PVC. PVC is made from chemicals that are harmful to the environment. If you are using school pouches made from PVC, ditch that product and make your own with scrap or old fabric. You can also purchase pencil cases that are handmade from natural materials like jute and other fabrics.

jute school bag

Reuse and Recycle Old School Supplies

Avoid unnecessary items. Only purchase what you know you’ll wear and need. Having too many items is a waste of precious resources. Instead of throwing out plastic sandwich bags each day, use bags that can be cleaned and reused daily.

Apart from the waste generated from these stationery items, there is a lot of waste created during school functions and celebrations; these include use plastic cups, Styrofoam bowls, plates, and straws. The use of non-biodegradable plastic and Styrofoam products can be misleading to students, so schools must choose a better alternative to serve food and drinks to the students. If you are looking for biodegradable disposable plates, eco-friendly disposable bowls, and eco-friendly cutlery to use during school or office functions, Ecoware is the brand to choose from.

Ecoware biodegradable disposable sugarcane pulp plate

Ecoware is the largest sustainable packaging company in India that manufactures a wide range of eco-friendly disposable tableware, including plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery and packaging materials. For more details, visit

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