6 Reasons to choose eco friendly tableware over single-use plastic

Disposable plates certainly make the post-party clean up easy. But unfortunately, they are equally harmful to the health of your loved ones and our planet too. Learn why you should use eco-friendly tableware instead.

Disposable tableware has made our lives easier. From carrying lunch in a plastic container to serving guests in plastic plates, these disposable single-use cutleries have crept into our lives and became our best friends.

Certainly, they make our post-party clean up easier. Allow us to stay without having to worry about washing dozens of dishes after the party is over. But unfortunately, this convenience comes at a cost! With more and more plastic waste getting dumped irresponsibly, the world is now facing the major environmental issue of Plastic Pollution.

According to a survey conducted by Central Pollution Control Board, “the quantity of plastic waste that is generated in India is about 15,342.6 tonnes per day”. Out of which the total plastic that is collected and recycled is about 9,205 tonnes per day while the 6,137 tonnes goes uncollected and they neither get decomposed nor do they get degraded.
Apart from destroying the environment, these single-use plastic cutleries are completely unhealthy. When you take food from plastic container or plates, you ingest toxins. This is the primary reason, why you must switch to biodegradable tableware made from sugarcane pulp or other natural products.

What exactly is a biodegradable product?

Any product that can be broken down to its original molecules over a period of time by the natural actions of biological organisms is a biodegradable product.

From the good health of your family to keep our environment plastic-free. Here are 6 reasons to choose environmentally friendly tableware:

1. Biodegradable:

Since compostable eco-friendly plates and other cutlery items are made from agricultural waste like sugarcane pulp, corn starch, rice husk, they are 100% biodegradable. All you have to do is dump them inside the compostable bins and they will get decomposed within 2 weeks.

2. Do Not Leave Chemicals:

One of the best things about using eco-friendly tableware like sugarcane pulp plates, bamboo cutleries, etc. is that they do not leave behind any toxic chemicals or residue. When they degrade, they release nutrients into the soil.

Eco friendly tableware are biodegradable


3. Convenient Composting:

We know that the plastic cutlery pollutes oceans, block waterways, harm animals and birds along with sucking out the nutrients of the soil. On the other hand biodegradable cutlery nourish the earth along with providing the easy composting method. These sugarcane pulp products can just be broken into pieces after removing the food residue and tossed into the compost bin directly for their decomposition.

Eco friendly tableware are easily compostable


4. Environment-friendly:

There are more ways than just one in which eco-friendly dinnerware benefits the environment. They require less energy to be manufactured. Also, they are made from materials that are easily compostable and biodegradable such as sugarcane pulp, corn, and bamboo.

Choose Eco Friendly Disposable Tableware_Ecoware


5. Unbreakable:

Most of the people think that plates that are made from natural substances are not as durable as the Plastic plates. But the compostable plates are strong as they are made from sugarcane pulp or corn starch that makes them strong and durable.


6. Safe to Microwave:

Not only these plates are unbreakable and sturdy, but they can also be used inside the microwave to heat the food easily. Also upon heating, they do not release any toxins or chemicals into the food like single-use plastic containers or plates. The reason is, they are free of chemical treatments, dyes, bleaches, and inks. This makes them equally safe for children and adults.

Choose Eco Friendly Disposable Tableware_E


The world is rising to the fact that the planet is on the verge of getting destroyed. With that, more awareness is growing about the harmful effects of plastics and non-recyclables. Thus, there are manufacturers like Ecoware that manufactures sustainable eco-friendly tableware. These sugarcane pulp products are not just biodegradable but also compostable.
Are you looking to go green for your next birthday party or social get-together? Visit to check out the widest range of disposable tableware and sugarcane pulp products in India.

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