5 Eco-friendly essentials you must have in your home

With global warming and other environmental changes on a rise, going green helps to have a sustainable abode. Discover 5 green essentials that you must have in your home.

It is great news that people all across the world are becoming more conscious of their surroundings. But is it enough? Absolutely not! Taking strong initiatives to tackle the issue is the need of the hour and everyone must contribute. Collective efforts can have a vast ripple-like effect that goes a long way when it comes to helping out.

Being eco-friendly will not only help you to attain a sustainable environment, but it can also help you save money. And there is no perfect place than your own house to start with. Here are five green essentials that every green-enthusiast must have in their home:


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1. Compost Bin

Some analysts believe that 60 percent of the waste that is currently sent to landfills is “biomass”. This means if treated under proper conditions; it could biodegrade rapidly which can also generate a new income stream of landfills. But as the landfills are compacted so tightly, they are fundamentally anaerobic (lacks oxygen). It slows down the process of biodegradation, resulting in a mountain of garbage.

Hence, good compost bin at home can help to reduce the waste that otherwise gets dumped in the landfill. Instead of giving away your kitchen waste to municipal workers, collect it in a compost bin. It will convert your kitchen waste into rich nutrient manure within 4-6 weeks.



2. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

A report by Norway`s Bergen University states that ‘inhaling chemical-laced cleaning agents is worse than smoking 20 cigarettes a day’. It can damage our airways and speed up the decline of our lungs. Thus replacing them with natural cleaning agents can give you an eco-friendly home that is fit for your lungs too. Infused with natural elements, they are safe, biodegradable and non-toxic.

3. Biodegradable Tableware

We can’t emphasize much on the importance of products made from natural sources. The role of single-use plastic in our lives has led us to the global threat of plastic garbage. From rivers, canals, oceans, landscapes, seas to forests, wildlife, and cities, plastic is found everywhere. Thus, getting biodegradable tableware is an ideal way to reduce plastic waste. Composed of sugarcane pulp, rice husk and starch, these tablewares are eco-friendly and compostable.


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4. LED Bulbs & Fans

Efficient and inexpensive, LED bulbs are eco-friendly alternatives to ordinary bulbs. LED bulbs use less electricity which is why more and more households are switching to them. Where ordinary bulbs can strain eyes and cause headaches, LED bulbs are easy on eyes. Go for hanging or standing lamps that will set a pleasant mood at your home.

Where air-conditioners in a sultry heat can feel like a blessing, they can prove to be quite harmful to our environment. The air conditioning systems contain a liquid refrigerant composed of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), which emits greenhouse gases. Instead of using air conditioners throughout the day, install ceiling fans in your rooms with open windows. This will keep your room airy and ventilated.

5. Indoor Plants

Not a single soul in this world is unaware of the significance of trees and plants in our lives. Even then we ignore the very truth of our life- ‘without them, we won’t last’. Hence, along with planting new trees in your area or colony, getting indoor plants for your home is a perfect way to keep the environment clean and green. Adorning the interiors of your home with plants is the most natural way to give an alluring look to your home. Go for hanging plant holders to give your home a bright and cheery appearance.


Think You Are Eco-friendly Does Your Home Have these 5 Green Essentials (6)


Every home is different! Thus, through many simpler ways, we can make every house sustainable and greener. Every little step taken towards protecting our environments will fetch positive results in the long run. Thus, if you don’t have these green essentials in your home, you can get them easily.

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