5 Ways to have a plastic-free lunch

Eco-friendly lunch idea might sound like a task, but the additional hard work can go a long way and should be the norm given our plastic crisis.

You must have likely heard the news about the environment changes and plastic littering around the river bodies and oceans. But how bad is the magnitude of plastic waste on our environment?

According to National Geographic, more than millions of marine animals die due to plastic alone, and experts estimate that plastic has a lifetime of 480 years to indefinitely. Also, some single-use plastic products will never disintegrate or completely break down.

Hence, taking care of the planet is not only admirable but also essential. Although stricter actions on a grand scale must take place, small steps must also be taken to lessen the personal impact on the planet.

There are plenty of ways through which we can reduce our personal role in the problem right now. And our 7 plastic-free lunch ideas will help you take baby steps toward reducing further plastic consumption:

Carry Food in Eco-friendly Disposable Tableware

Aside from the planet`s health, carrying food in plastic containers can impact your health directly. Even those, free of BPA and phthalates, they break down gradually over a period of time. This means upon coming in contact with hot meals, their particles which are known as micro-plastics could potentially seep into your food. Plastic presence in food and water can lead to chemical toxicity in the body, causing some serious health illnesses.

Why take health risks, when there are many natural alternatives available that can make every meal safe and healthy?

Switch to eco-friendly disposable cutlery, which is convenient and does not damage the environment. Why? Because they are made from natural resources like sugarcane pulp, bamboo, and corn starch. They are 100% biodegradable, compostable and eco-friendly as well.


Carry Your Own Utensils

This might sound bizarre, especially when you grab a lunch from the nearby local cafe or street stall. But carrying your own fork, spoon, plate or bowl will eliminate the need to use plastic cutlery. Whether you like to use disposable cutlery or metal cutlery, the market is brimming with a plethora of choices. From bamboo forks and spoons to biodegradable paper bowls, trays and plates, you can pick according to your choice and convenience.  They are easily disposable and can be composted too.

Keep a Re-usable Napkin

Ours is not as much of a paper-using culture as, Japan or the US, but with people preferring to use tissues or napkin roll, one can find paper towels, almost everywhere. These paper napkins are made by chopping down forests that damage the environment. Then a huge amount of water is wasted to clean and prepare the pulp. A variety of chemicals is also used in the manufacturing process, which again is harmful. Hence, keeping a reusable napkin in your lunch bag can be a great idea.

One Final Straw

We all love to enjoy our coffee or cold beverages without getting it all smeared on our upper lip, which is why we like using straws. These small plastic straws may seem insignificant; however, they stay for thousands of years in the landfill, as it is. Hence, if you must use a straw, buy an eco-friendly one. You can also opt for metal straw, as they are reusable and easy to carry.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

This is not just a saying but a mantra that we all should always remember. Keeping this in mind will help you to act systematically manner to have a plastic-free lunch. Always bring your lunch in biodegradable food packaging. Reducing and reusing packaging from your lunch should come before recycling. The process of recycling still requires energy and materials to produce something new. Thus, make sure that you reuse a product, before tossing it away into a recycling bin.

By being more aware of the degrading environmental conditions, you can encourage yourself to find ways to carry a plastic-free lunch. It will not only benefit you but will also help the environment in multiple ways.

Want to carry your own cutlery without getting bogged down by the heavyweight of metal cutlery? Go for eco-friendly disposable tableware at You can find a fantastic range of biodegradable cutlery here.

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