Coronavirus: Switch to the Single-use Biodegradable Tableware to Avoid Sharing

The most effective way to reduce the risk of becoming infected with COVID-19 is to ensure you don’t come into contact with infected people or contaminated objects and surfaces. In response to this threat, restaurants are getting rid of reusable products, such as menus, vases, and tableware including plates, bowls, glasses and utensils and are replacing them with their single-use biodegradable tableware. Taking this extra precaution provides staff and customers with the reassurance that they won’t be handling previously touched and potentially contaminated products. People in home-quarantine are following the same precautions and are replacing all steel and plastic tableware with eco-friendly and bio-degradable tableware.

How can single-use bio-degradable products prevent the spread of coronavirus?

Restaurants and hotels are finding ways to limit staff and customers getting exposed to objects and surfaces that are frequently touched to reduce potential contact with infected surfaces and therefore slowing the spread of the virus. In hospitals and clinics, many commonly used items at doctors’ offices and hospitals are designed to be used only once to prevent the risk of cross-contamination and infection amongst patients. This same principle can be applied to using single-use items when handling or serving food to limit the risk for increased spread and contamination.

Single-use eco-friendly alternatives for commonly used items

Eco-friendly Tableware

First of all, everyone should try to maintain a distance from one another. Restaurants should reduce the amount of contact that staff and customers have with frequently handled objects to maintain a safe environment at all times. They should replace all the items that are typically placed on tables or passed from customer to customer. This includes menus, napkins and most of the tableware. Replacing reusable menus with single-use menus and disposing of them after customers have placed their orders, can help reduce the risk of potential infections. To prevent the waste of paper, restaurants can also write their entire list of the menu on a board that will be visible to all.

They should also store away any ketchup or hot sauce bottles from the table and provide them only on request or serve condiments in single-use sauce cups. Switching reusable glasses, plates, and cutlery with single-use alternatives like biodegradable disposable tableware, eco-friendly disposable plates, and disposable wooden spoons can eliminate the risk of COVID-19. Many restaurants have already started providing salt and pepper in paper packets, and ketchup and mustard in small single-use bowls.

The importance of single-use tableware in response to COVID-19

Single-use Tableware

Beyond the safety approach, including a reduced risk of exposure to infected surfaces, using single-use tableware sends a healthy message to the customers. This indicates that your business is operating with caution, following the precautions and putting customer safety first. As customers today are choosing whether to dine-out, order online, or prepare their food, it is crucial that they feel reassured about the safety measures the restaurants are taking.

To avoid the potential spread of the virus and to build confidence in people to enjoy outside food without worries, prepared foods can be served with the following single-use products from Ecoware:

Eco-friendly disposable plates and biodegradable paper bowls: Consider stocking up on multiple sizes of eco-friendly paper plates to serve solid food. Use single-use compostable soup bowls to serve soups, pasta, and other foods.

Eco-friendly disposable cups: Switch to biodegradable disposable glasses to serve waters, sodas, beers, cocktails, and all other beverages. This will eliminate staff needing to wash and polish glassware in between uses. For coffee and tea service, switch to biodegradable paper cups.

Eco-friendly disposable cutlery: Provide disposable wooden spoons and biodegradable wooden spork, to limit the exposure to frequently handled items.

Eco-friendly disposable trays: Disposable serving trays are an easy replacement in fast food restaurants. Even if you don’t use trays, compostable catering trays are an excellent way for added precaution when resetting tables.

With more and more COVID-19 cases developing around the world, understanding what the illness is and how it spreads is essential. It allows you to take proper precautions, such as limiting exposure to potentially infected objects and surfaces. By following these COVID-19 prevention tips, such as to switch to single-use biodegradable products, you can protect your family from the illness and keep staff and customers safe. For more information on single-use Eco-friendly disposable plates visit

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