Biodegradable Tableware: The future is turning more eco-friendly!

As people in large numbers are becoming aware of climatic changes, the market is bustling with the green item. From idols to biodegradable tableware, discover what drives us towards an eco-friendly future.

An increasing number of countries, cities, companies, and households are looking for different ways to minimize their carbon footprint and save money along the way. A significant part of those efforts is reducing waste that includes plastic waste such as packing and disposable cups and cutlery.

Plastic that was once a matter of convenience, today has pushed the world on the verge of destruction. The animals are getting killed, while oceans, seas, holy rivers, and other waterways are breathing their last.

In recent years, various companies have come up with solutions for single-use packaging and tableware. These are entirely biodegradable and compostable as they made from plants and natural fibers that break down naturally. They can even provide nourishment after breaking down into natural elements.

Hence, to save the world, the time to act is now! The green future is here in the form of eco-friendly tableware and here is why you must switch to biodegradable tableware too:

From cutlery made from sugarcane pulp to edible plates and spoons, the market is brimming with a lot of choices when it comes to biodegradable eco-friendly tableware. Products made from various renewable resources like bamboo, sugarcane pulp, rice husk, and corn starch are 100% compostable.

What makes biodegradable tableware the face of eco-friendly India? Their benefits! Check them out:

Eco-friendy Tableware that is Backyard Compostable

Isn’t it an amazing idea to be able to compost disposable tableware yourself. Tableware that made from sugarcane pulp or rice husk can be compostable in your backyard. Unlike many disposable tableware which need special facilities for composting, Ecoware products are backyard compostable. You just have to put them in a compost bin for the natural phenomenon of biodegradation to take place.

Biodegradable Tableware: The future is turning more eco-friendly!


The manufacturing of products made from natural resources produces far less environmental pollution than that of plastic products. Also, when biodegradable tableware eventually put in a compost bin, they break down and decompose into non-toxic elements. They create only 32% of greenhouse gasses as compared to plastic-based tableware.

Biodegradable Tableware The future is turning more eco-friendly! (4)


Consume Less Energy

Eco-friendly tableware is preferred for their less energy consumption as well. The production of the biodegradable items uses only 35% of the total energy that is required to make petroleum-based plastics.

Use Fewer Non- Renewable Resources

For the manufacturing of petroleum-based plastic products, approximately 200,000 barrels of oil used every single day. Biodegradable tableware made from agricultural waste like bagasse, which is deriving from sugarcane pulp; this does promote not only the constructive use of natural waste but also uses fewer non-renewable natural resources.

Reduction in Waste

Various types of plastic get dumped in the landfills because we are not well equipped to recycle or reuse them. They lay in landfills without getting decomposed for millions of years and thus contribute to damage the environment on a large scale.

As people are becoming aware of environmental issues, greener alternatives are getting introduced. From biodegradable tableware to automobiles that don`t run on fuel, stay geared for various eco-friendly options, as the future is slightly ‘green.’

Are you Looking for bio-degradable tableware too? Explore the full range of eco-friendly tableware from that are made from natural resources and are 100% compostable also.


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