How to work from home effectively during coronavirus outbreak?

With more than 136,000 positive Covid-19 cases worldwide, companies are closing their doors to reduce the spread of infections. The Prime Minister of India also issued a complete nation-wide lockdown for 21 which means all schools, offices, shops and small businesses will remain closed till April 15. Many businesses both large and small have closed their doors, urging their employees to work remotely to avoid potential infection. For some workers, having the flexibility of being able to work from home has been a dream but for some, it is difficult to manage from home. Some of the biggest challenges for employers include workers struggling with loneliness, managing their time, and communication among staff members. Moreover, as schools and colleges are shut down, working parents must manage company and family priorities.

There are indeed real benefits to working remotely, but there are also big challenges to overcome. Here are 10 tips to make your remote work experience as productive as it can be.

  • Create a dedicated workspace in your home

Those who are fortunate enough to have a guest room or spare room to turn into an office have an easy place to transform into an effective workspace. Even if you live in less spacious quarters, having a specific place to work is useful during these 21 days of lockdown. The best home office setup usually includes walls and a door you can close to help maintain a quiet and productive atmosphere. However, not every home has a dedicated home office or a spare room. When you don’t have a traditional office space, think creatively about where you can work. Start with someplace that’s quiet and out of the way. Develop a dedicated work area free from distraction and noises in your household. Mark sure to look at if the chair and desk you’ll be working from are comfortable enough to use for multiple hours. In a pinch, anyplace with a flat surface, a power outlet, and internet

  • Create a schedule

Work Schedule

When you’re the only one who’s sick, you’re probably the only one at home. However, in this event of an emergency, everyone is at home. Working from home can lead to longer hours than what you typically work in the office, limiting your personal and family time. While others in your household may have their activities to keep them occupied, not everyone may be on the same schedule as you. So, make sure you create a schedule. Whether it is kids, parents, or roommates, let them know before you start your work so that they can keep their voices low. Close the door of your rooms or office and ask everyone to knock before they come inside. This way you can work with focus without getting into distractions.

  • Keep you work gear together

Architecture Business Clean Computer

Put the things that you require during work close to you as you will not have to get up from your seat every time you need something. If you have a corporate job your work gear may include a laptop, phone, charger, project files, and mouse if necessary. Of course, an internet connection is a must but make sure you are sitting close to your internet access connection. A socket near your work desk would be a very good idea when you have to work for long periods.

Some jobs require regular communications so you might need more than a laptop. A handset is a good option when you need to reach out to your colleagues. If there is any kind of confusion during work, you can easily call your colleagues without the need for holding your phone.

  • Set boundaries with your children

Set Boundaries with your Children

Many schools across the country have closed due to the coronavirus, meaning younger kids might be there with you while you are working from home. In these cases, ask a family member to watch the children, so that you can get much of your work done. If you are alone with your kids, keep them busy in some task or ask them to give you some time to finish your work.

  • Deal with distractions well

Anyone working from home inevitably gets distracted, and it’s even worse if you have family members around. Try to keep yourself away from distraction as much as you can during work hours. If you are distracted anyhow, let go of the distraction as quickly as you can and get back to work again.

  • Take regular breaks

It’s good to have a routine when you’re working from home, but work shouldn’t become monotonous. It’s important to take regular screen breaks and get up from your desk and move around. Research has also found that short breaks throughout the day are more beneficial than longer breaks. 15 minutes of rest after an hour of work is best for good productivity.

  • Don’t fall into isolation

Working from home can get lonely and affect your mental health. You can avoid isolation by calling someone or by communicating with your colleagues on the phone or through video chat. You can also get together with your family, play with your kids or talk to your neighbors about the latest news on Coronavirus.

  • Stay healthy

While working during this quarantine period, make sure to stay safe and healthy. Make sure you wash your hands after touching foreign objects and take all the precautions to prevent the COVID-19 infection. Whether you are cooking your wood at home or ordering your food, make sure you clean the plates and utensils you are using. It is best to avoid eating from plastic plates and bowls as the coronavirus is said to stay much longer on these objects. Instead, switch to biodegradable plates as they can be disposed of after used. Even better, use eco-friendly disposable plates from Ecoware as they are made from natural materials. Moreover, the virus can remain stable in these plates for only 24 hours. You can also buy eco-friendly disposable bowls, disposable wooden spoons, biodegradable paper cups and eco-friendly disposable tableware from

Eco-friendly Disposable Tableware

If you’re working from home for the first time you have reason to panic but by following the tips listed above you can make your work a lot easier. Have the confidence to know that you will get through this phase and you will find success sooner than you think.

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