How to reduce consumption of single-use plastic

Single-use plastic endangering ocean life and environment has been a hot topic of discussion lately. It has been a big problem we’re all struggling to find a good solution. The good news is that there is one: using sugarcane pulp products or other eco-friendly alternatives of single-use plastic.

Things like single-use plastic disposables, plastic water bottles, wrappers and other packaging material on a whole are increasing exponentially. The trouble is, plastic can only be recycled a few times and takes centuries to decompose.

The facts about how much debris is actually on our beaches and in our oceans are really overwhelming. No wonder that it will take a major shift in our society to eliminate the plastic trash completely; however at the very least we can do our best to stop its exponential growth.

Going reusable doesn’t only help the environment, it also helps us saving money too!

Here are some simple swaps for single-use plastics that our environment, oceans, and your bank account 😉 will thank you for:

Reusable Water Bottles

Staying hydrated is important, but with a little forethought, you can really make a huge difference. Plastic bottles, water, and other drinks are the second most common trash items found on beaches. So, how about instead of buying bottled water next time, invest in a good stainless steel water bottle now. You can carry it with you and refill whenever needed. They’ll also keep your beverages hot/cold for a longer duration. Reusable water bottles with built-in filtration are also available now to help you can drink filtered water on the go from any water fountain or sink.

Reusable Coffee Cups

If you think that the paper coffee cups are eco-friendly, then you are wrong. Most disposable paper coffee cups are not eco-friendly because they are lined with a liquid-proof plastic that cannot be recycled.

Being a coffee lover, I know that giving up your morning coffee is not as easy as considered, but bringing your own travel mug is easy.

Next time, carry your own coffee cup with you and ask your cafe to fill your mug instead. Now, you’ll have hot coffee all morning long and you can wash and reuse it as many times as you like.


How to reduce consumption of single-use plastic

Cups made from sugarcane pulp

As individuals, it may be easier for us to carry our own coffee cup, however, for cafes and restaurants it cannot be a viable option. Well, here is a solution. We have an eco-friendly alternative which is a hundred percent biodegradable and compostable.

Coffee cups manufactured by Ecoware are made from sugarcane pulp. These cups don’t come lined with any form of plastic. When it comes to usability, these biodegradable coffee cups do not lag behind. The sugarcane pulp cups tend to be better choices than paper cups or plastic cups as they are stronger and sturdier! And yes, they are liquid proof too.

While cafes can use them for their own purpose, you can also have them at your office to make your workplace plastic-free. 


How to reduce consumption of single-use plastic (3)

Re-usable straws or avoid straws at all

Plain and simple question: why do need straws? Give it a thought and you will realize that we just use it because restaurants automatically put plastic straws in the drinks we order.

Let’s start by saying, “no straws please,” next time you get one in your drink. Yet, if you are someone who prefers to drink from a straw, how about having a reusable one. You can carry your own straw and enjoy your beverage on the go. Just throw a few stainless steel straws in your bag, and you’re good to go. There are even some collapsible straws in their own little case designed to fit on your keychain.

Don’t want to use metal straws, well you can find reusable straws made from glass, silicone or acrylic straws too that are still better than disposable. There really are so many plastic straw alternatives. Trust me; it’s easy to avoid ever using a disposable straw again.

Single-use plastic alternatives made from natural elements like sugarcane pulp has a lot of benefits. Sugarcane pulp products manufacturers like Ecoware offer a wide range of sustainable single-use plastic alternatives for personal and commercial use. If you want to check out the latest collection, visit today!


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