New Year’s resolutions to be eco-friendly: what have you got planned!

As 2019 is about to bid adieu, it is time to gear up for the warm and refreshing year of 2020. One of the best things about New Year`s is that no matter how the previous year has gone, we can always start afresh!

While many people take various resolutions to make their personal or professional lives better, others might want to focus on their health issues and relationships. Some would love to get more organized; others would either like to save money or to spend some on losing a few extra pounds. These are all amazing ideas if some of you feel they will help improve the quality of your life. But as we all are aware of the grave dangers which are lurking behind the term ‘plastic pollution’ and ‘environmental changes,’ why not dedicate 2020 to make our planet a better place to live?

If you thought leading an eco-friendly lifestyle requires you to splurge on a solar panel or hybrid cars (although they are a good option though) then, that`s not completely true. You can lead an eco-friendly lifestyle by making small changes in your life. These changes might appear small at first glance, but believe us when we say this, they are extremely sustainable!

And do you know what the best thing about taking the resolution to bring small tweaks in your life is? You are less likely to abandon it! Which will keep you guilt-free and our environment eco-friendly for the rest of the year? So lets no waste more time and dig into the magical ways to make your New year`s more environment-friendly:

Start Composting

Sounds amazing yet tricky? Well! Let us explain it to you. Composting is a simple process of breaking down a molecule into its natural form. The best thing about this process is that you don`t need any special equipment for it. Anyone can start composting by simply purchasing a composting bin and start tossing scraps in it after meals. If you host a party, use biodegradable disposable tableware instead of plastic cutlery. Made from sugarcane pulp, they are highly compostable. And if you love hosting parties now and then, then switching to eco-friendly disposable tableware can help reduce plastic waste.

Start Composting

Shop in Bulk

Do you visit your nearby grocery store countless times in a day to buy things in small quantities? Then here is golden advice in which you can not only save the planet, but also some cash along with it! Every product that you purchase from a grocery store comes in plastic packaging. Hence, shopping in bulk will help you skip all of that disposable packaging. If you don`t want to buy in bulk, make sure that you go for products or brands that come in biodegradable food packaging.

Shop in Bulk

Switch to Eco-friendly Disposable Tableware

New Year`s means a night of laughter, togetherness, memories, and a lot of lip-smacking uber delicious food. Now, who would like to spoil the party by thinking about post-party clean up? While friends would love to offer their help, it is impossible to have metal cutleries in large numbers. So instead of getting plastic cutlery, you can serve food to your guests in biodegradable disposable tableware. This way, you can be a great host and can convey your support for the environment to your guests. Take this resolution to replace plastic with eco-friendly disposable cutlery and step into 2020, with a smile.

Eco-friendly Disposable Tableware

Begin your Year With Stocking up Reusable Tableware

An upsurge in ‘throw-away culture’ had us following the same, giving rise to the usage of single-use plastic items. This has produced more plastic waste that is destroying our oceans, landscapes, wildlife, and our planet. Now, going zero waste may seem overwhelming, but reducing waste is not too hard. You can begin with choosing reusable materials over plastic disposables. Also, you can stock up on disposable wooden spoons, biodegradable disposable glasses, compostable catering trays, and sugarcane pulp plates to be more eco-friendly.

Use non-toxic beauty products.

From sulfates to parabens, beauty products can contain all kinds of harmful chemicals these days, which can damage your skin. Thus, try the minimalist approach and use vegan, cruelty-free alternatives in reusable packaging.

Love them or hate them; New year`s resolution is a wonderful way to keep yourself motivated and inspired. So give your calendar an eco-friendly start by taking a renewed focus on the environment.

Want to ignite a new era of sustainability with eco-friendly disposable cutlery in 2020? Visit, where you can find a wide range of biodegradable disposable tableware.

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