Ecoware’s Rhea Singhal on the mission to protect the environment – Femina India

Increasing usage of plastic, improper disposal of waste and the desire of introducing a fully compostable alternative to plastic is what brought Rhea Singhal back to India from the UK. She founded India’s first and largest sustainable packaging company— Ecoware — that makes its products from the waste of agricultural crops and is a 100% natural biodegradable and compostable brand.

“Plastic disposables constitute the majority of non-treated waste by virtue of being cheap and commonplace. Faced with this predicament, I entered the market in 2009 to challenge plastic’s monopoly. I do not want my children to inherit my problems and Ecoware is my vehicle to create a lasting change,” says Singhal, a recipient of Nari Shakti Puraskar and an alumna of Oxford and Harvard Universities.

Changing consumers’ mindset, educating users about the benefits of using Ecoware’s products and setting up this venture in a largely male dominated society have been Rhea’s biggest challenges so far.

“Ecoware is oil-proof, waterproof and microwave safe and a like-for-like substitute for single-use plastic plates, cups, bowls, bags and containers,” says Singhal who offers quality products that are safe and hygienic to use. Consumers today are making better lifestyle choices which inspires her to increase the brand’s accessibility and reach. She adds, “One of our most recent successes has been to persuade the Indian Railways, the largest food service operator in India, to switch to biodegradable products”.

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Source: Femina India

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