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Hotels, restaurants, and cafes that use compostable tableware are not only doing their part to support the environment friendly Green movement but also speak volumes about their principle.
This not only saves the planet but also portrays a positive image to their customers. So when are you switching to eco-friendly tableware?

Every festival is meant to be celebrated in great spirits. But it is also our responsibility to keep our surroundings, waterways and cities absolutely clean. From serving snacks in biodegradable tableware to bringing clay idols at home, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Navratri in a truly divine manner.

Being a foodie and that too an eco-sensitive one does not mean you need to compromise with either one of your passion. You can simply enjoy your love for food and the planet by switching to compostable biodegradable cutlery and tableware.
Discover the latest collection of compostable disposables at Ecoware. Make your post-party clean-ups easy and eco-friendly!

Organizing eco friendly events can be easy if the resources are used responsibly and efficiently. From switching to compostable tableware made from agricultural products like sugarcane pulp to reducing carbon footprint, if done right, we can simply save our planet from dying. So stay away from plastic disposables and save the environment.

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