We began this journey with 3 simple aims and food packaging is the first step in this direction

  • To better the health and well-being of our consumers
  • To reduce and remove pollution caused by synthetic disposables
  • To produce locally so that our products are easily affordable


Ecoware is what happens when vision meets opportunity. We are India’s first and largest manufacturer of eco-friendly food packaging. The Ecoware range of 25+ compostable products spans tableware, cutlery, biodegradable garbage bags and takeaway packaging. Our vision is to provide sustainable food packaging that is superior in quality and affordable in price.

Circular Economy

We have been espousing and practicing the principles of Circular Economy even before the phrase became popular. We believe material cycles are closed by following the example of natural ecosystems, therefore toxic substances are eliminated and there is no waste, because all residual streams are valuable as resource. Ecoware is made from plant waste using a process that releases only the following waste – liquid (water which is reused in the production process), gas (water vapor released into the atmosphere) and solid (excess plant waste recycled into the process). We make biodegradable consumer products which return to earth once used and are converted into compost in the presence of soil and microbes. The compost is natural and can be used for improving crop yield.


Ecoware was selected as finalist for The Circular Awards 2019 in the People’s Choice Award category. Awarded by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in partnership with Accenture strategy in January 2019, this award recognises businesses that promote the principles of a Circular Economy.

Founder & CEO, Ms. Rhea Mazumdar Singhal was awarded India’s highest civilian honour for women by the President of India in March 2019. The Nari Shakti Puruskar (Women Strength Award) is awarded each year to exceptional women to celebrate their vision and service towards the cause of women empowerment. Rhea was recognised for her work in establishing Ecoware, the first sustainable packaging company in India and in increasing grassroots level awareness of the harmful effects of plastics.




What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal, credit or debit card and bank transfer

Do you do custom printing and design?

Yes, we do both happily

What is Ecoware made from?

Tableware is made from pulp of agricultural waste such as sugarcane bagasse, Cutlery from birchwood and Garbage bags from cornstarch-based biodegradant

Where is Ecoware made?

Proudly made in India using locally sourced materials only

Why are your products white?

We only use pulp that is bleached white using chemical-free methods

I know Ecoware is better than plastic, but how is it better than paper?

Because trees are cut to make paper. And paper disposables contain a non-biodegradable plastic lining



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