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Climate is changing quickly. We need to teach our children about the importance of sustainability and how they can save our planet by following the path of sustainability.

Annie Leonard once said, “There is no such thing as ‘away’. When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere”. We all have heard about ‘Zero Waste Lifestyle’ once in our life but do we know what is it and how do we live a sustainable life? Today Ecoware brings you the most popular myths about zero waste lifestyle and how you can live a zero or less waste sustainable life. Before we start let’s know one thing that it doesn’t happen overnight. And if you try and make that significant of a life change happen immediately, chances are, it won’t stick. We need to be persistent and consistent to adopt a sustainable zero waste lifestyle.

According to Better India report, if we keep generating waste at this rate then by the year 2050, India will need a landfill that’s the size of Delhi to dump all its waste.

There are many emerging trends and new technologies breaking into the world of consumer goods and packaging. One such trend is sustainable and biodegradable packaging. It has been proven over time that companies who have adopted and embraced eco-friendly packaging into their supply chain, have been able to differentiate their brands in the marketplace.

COVID-19 has forced us to pivot and think more creatively, collaborate and engage with our communities thereby bringing us closer. We know when people come together, we accomplish more. And this is a survival tactic we are seeing world over.

We all have become habituated to expect a plastic straw in most of the drinks. On average we use each straw for an estimated 20 minutes before we dispose of it. It takes more than 200 years for a single-use plastic straw to breakdown, moreover, it doesn’t break down completely; it breaks down into tiny plastic particles, which are toxic to plants, wildlife, fish, and even humans.

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