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Whether you are in Meerut or Madrid, on this page you will find the information
you need to become an Ecoware partner. We provide options If you wish to re-sell
Ecoware in your region or under your brand.

Frequently Asked Questions


We look for companies or individuals who are already in the trade of food-service products either as a retailer or distributor. Or if you are passionate about sustainability and want to be involved with Ecoware commercially, then would love to hear from you to

The short answer is, to make a difference. We started this company at a time when there was no legislation, awareness, or alternative to single-use plastic. We persevered and are now seeing the fruits of our efforts. If you feel single-use plastic should be relegated to history want to work with a company with established credibility, quality, and integrity then come talk to us. You can also look forward to:

  1. Discounted pricing that allows you to earn above-market margins
  2. Access to C-level management and a dedicated national sales manager
  3. Direct marketing support by way of personal interaction and access to Ecoware collaterals

We receive many inquiries for re-selling, distributing, stocking, and promoting Ecoware throughout the world. Whoever we engage with, our principle remains the same. We believe in performance and not potential. To this end, it is very important that you first demonstrate your ability to successfully purchase, market, and liquidate Ecoware products in your region or city on a sustainable basis. This can be a few containers or 100,000 pieces (depending on the size of your market). If you do so, we will be more inclined to work with you and more comfortable sharing our brand credentials with you. We are looking for partners who will care for our baby as much as we do!

Not a problem. We cannot promise to handhold you all the way but we will certainly guide how to promote Ecoware.

Typically, we service large order volumes via our Partners. However, if you are in a country or region where alternatives to single-use plastic are lacking, then we can certainly help you get started. While you may be new, at an absolute minimum we would expect you to undertake thorough market research on the feasibility of Ecoware in your area. If your analysis looks promising then we will support pricing to make your market entry viable.

We always like to work with restaurants and partners to promote each other on social media. If you tag us on your platform @ecowareindia or email us pictures of your food/dishes in our products to [email protected] then we will share a discount code for you to use on your next purchase. We request you to follow the picture guidelines as below. Thank you. Picture Guidelines


Yes, we do. Please go to our Shop Page for Sample Kit.

If you are in India then you can simply buy online at If you are outside India, then send us an email with your full shipping address. We will send you a PayPal payment link to cover the shipping costs. Once we receive your payment in full, we will dispatch your Sample Kit immediately.

Our Sample Kit contains 3 pieces each of all current tableware and cutlery items.

Yes, of course. Please send your representative or agent to our office in New Delhi and give us a heads-up beforehand. You can also book a pick-up under your shipping account.

In this case, this will be considered as a small commercial order. Write to us at [email protected] and tell us how many samples you need. We will then provide further instructions on how to proceed.


Yes, each piece has the Ecoware brand embossed on it. We cannot remove, change or alter the embossing.

Yes, we do. We can emboss your brand on the product or make it without any branding. For this, you will need to share your brand or logo design and invest in a new mold cost.

We can offer customized packing (e.g. pack of 25 pieces), the printing of your logo on the product, branding stickers for outer packaging, and printed cartons.

If it is a design or shape we don’t have, then it will require customization. For this purpose, the more information you provide, the better. Please share product dimensions, drawings (in AutoCAD), and physical samples, if possible. We will make mold drawings based on your details.

30,000 pieces per SKU (product or design)

Printing costs are nominal and depend on your artwork – single or multiple prints, single or multiple colors, size, and location of print. Please note we can only print on flat surfaces, such as the top lid of a box or a plate rim. We cannot print on sloping surfaces such as cups or bowls.

Besides meeting certain terms and conditions, we will require you to inform us where and how you wish to use our marketing collaterals including our brand name. Our brand is a registered trademark in multiple jurisdictions.

Our wholesale pack size is 50 pieces. The number of packs varies with the carton size of each product.

Yes, we can. If you have a customized pack requirement, say 10 or 20 pieces, we can accommodate easily.


We use ICD Tughlakabad (TKD) which is a dry port in Delhi. If you require prices FOB seaport, then we can provide these too.

Yes, you can and we prefer it this way. Our export prices are quoted FOB Delhi for this reason.

We firmly believe our customers should get the best shipping rates possible as it is a very competitive market. Therefore we expect our buyers to engage with multiple shipping agents. At the time of order confirmation, we will submit the necessary shipping details including lead time to the customer, so that they can focus on getting the best rates, while we focus on delivering the highest quality product in the least amount of time. Only for truly exceptional cases or for very large orders only (value above USD 50,000), will we quote on a CIF basis.


Typically for 20” HQ, we need 4-5 weeks and for 40” HQ, we need 6-8 weeks. This may change depending on the time of the year.

This depends on your jurisdiction. We can advise which of our current certifications most closely matches your requirement.

Yes, for large and recurring orders.